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Do want. The great library of Briomont, Sanctuary in Legend of the Seeker. What new obsession? Pay no attention to the galore of icons suddenly appearing, because I can't have them on LJ. Not that I like the style of basically any of them, everybody so preferring the "Everything must be yellow and with a squint of a runt of a character somewhere at the bottom" style that supposedly passes for "good" icons. As if. I tried to choose the "best" or most tolerable of the few Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander icons available from the series, but don't know which I'll keep even if the bout would continue beyond another couple of weeks. Just stashing them here to remember where they were more quickly.
ladynyks: (Avon is not impressed) and for whatever Smurfsy cuteness. if you're in need of something to do. The guilty person question was the hardest, and I'm almost on the side of tagging some innocents, with retrials and sorting it out being possible later if not talking death sentences.

As in, oh gee. I had Boromir's tag saved, too, somewhere, but I wasn't him back then either.

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

"An enigmatic recluse with a mysterious past and even stranger loyalties, you are an intensely serious presence.

I don't expect you will really understand the beauty of the softly simmering cauldron with its shimmering fumes, the delicate power of liquids that creep through human veins, bewitching the mind, ensnaring the senses..."

And the assholes seem to continue, unless this place is slow otherwise, and tumblr and whatever other places lists being down are unrelatedly so. Failbook seems to want people a lot. Oh, wait, no Google just had the 2 million infected computers, G+ or whatever it is supposedly needs our custom instead.
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And the rest was the start + bits of what was to be on LJ.

Probably just posting whatever LJ'll let you post by Tuesday if their crap finally works, as a copy from the DW side, though again, this side gets the emo as well and the other doesn't. Fbook, go away. Pictures of you at around age four or not. )

Links checked via f-list. The first one, anyway. )

Apparently Cookie means little penis in Hungarian, cue wonderings about the Cookie Monster, your one favourite from the Sesame Street stuff seen in later life. Talk, plus Captain America cast. )

All comments screened since it's a public post for the rare change.

Does anyone have the twitter rumours or anything about who's attacking LJ this time? If not the usual Russian assholes, as usual. What with the library having the computer off when got here so naturally losing the timeslot and having to wait 5 minutes to re-reserve it with the library guy flitting off somewhere else before that, and then not having sense enough to make it a half an hour longer either for your already having lost 15 minutes of your reserved time. And two girls taking ooh arr objection to your pointing out that even the signs on the wall tell them to F. off with talking to mobile phones in the room, as if not bad enough to answer them in a library as it is.

Facebook disgusts (also) due to remarks like the following. People talking about the Oslo thing as "People could do the island thing here, too, shove all the immigrants to discuss on an island and let a gunman loose. Oh, and I'm not racist, 35% of my workmates are immigrants, I just *Excuse*" or other "FFS who do we need to pummel?" comments.
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I am here. Occasionally. Just slow and catching up and argh everything.
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Saw most of the three other Bed of Roses episodes, so apparently there's just one left. Hopefully there'll be no glitches since nobody's around to tape it on Sunday, or make further channel changes if it glitches before then. Pat O'Reilly's character has grown to some level of interest over the past couple of episodes, and Philip Quast's Tim Price remains snarky and fun, but again, need to write more of it when can and have notes written down more coherently.

Still far too much to arrange here, but that's two logins within two days at least. Also watched B7's Ultraworld last night as said elsewhere, so maybe more to write on that as well, likewise already said. Things. Lapland for the weekend still, see how the funeral and relatives and more go.

Oh, and that "Woshername Reynard kisses Jonas and he's always suspicious of girls who kiss on first dates" SG-1 episode on last night, too, your always keeping seeing the same old ones.
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Stomach ache. Pardon my whining, I'll get to more content when things are more settled. Until then, double the squee. Dogfood Dan and the Carmarthen Cowboy pic with Daker and Gareth Thomas, eee. So much that would be out there, if could only get them.

Memo to self to seriously reorganize the icons, too, lest things like the above mislead when posting less icon-toned things.
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And in case anyone wasn't watching or sure or whatever, same, yes. Just not trying to be visible, and not having set up anything much yet, and having to reset keywords and not trusting the library computer at this end to not have a thousand things wrong with it, like keystealing things for passwords, so ngh all of it. No YouTube for today then, apparently, unless the thing suddenly wants to start agreeing more. LJ didn't, hmph.

Suspect that will need to find a good and secure free email service first, or see if can get another Yahoo account or something, or if Gmail will let me do things without giving them the mobile phone number, which hello, no. So I need free email service, free websites for fannish type page things perhaps, or to know if Blogger (?) or whatever other blogging type sites out there is best and for what reasons. If were to merely talk about certain fannish things, instead of or next to the site stuff potential. Things. Complicated. As well as when half of that is sorted, needing another username for here, since this still ties to the same email and username, so is entirely too locatable to anyone who wants to try for it, ngh. *disappears forever*

Plus WTF is it with DW's disgusting use of whatever font it is again in this filling-in box? Courier? Yeuch.

LJ says no

Aug. 6th, 2009 04:47 pm
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Gee, great. LJ's not working again. "may be unresponsive or slow to load due to some database problems we're experiencing." MAY be? *eyeroll*

Well, at least that means I can revamp my icons here. Except for where I can't, right now having a massive hankering for good Travis ones from Blake's 7, and there probably being no community to get them in over here. All the big name fans are here, but I don't think any were particularly keen on Travis 2 for one.
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Oh, gee, great, thanks Livejournal. I so love your giving people heart attacks by not informing about your SUDDEN IMPENDING MAINTENANCES OF DOOM, or whatever the hell you'll claim you're doing right now to at least my account, siramiol, clytemnestra215, nike_of_athens and whoever else might be affected. Plus telling me that only 3 email requests per 24 hours is allowed, when I'd only tried the first one before that, not even others yet.

They also very cunningly leave out emailing or Inboxing the latest news in lj_releases, claiming the "Oh, we just sent you the third copy of this in your f'n Inbox" problem, where paid users get to send free virtual gifts, lest ppl use that to their advantage or something?

As in, I might as well have gone to see my mother if this crap keeps going on, their already having wasted over an hour of my time on trying to see which accounts work out of the usernames I remember or find via others that did work. And apparently I got stamped as Angelus in their villainy_stamp, but since it's all members only otherwise, gee, great, thanks. And there I was all ready to start using Chronographia's "Computer says no" whether ppl meant it for anybody but spiralsheep's use or not, what with my still not getting certain UK circles being all "BUT NOBODY IS SUPPOSED TO USE THE ICON IF SOMEONE CLAIMED IT!" shocks.

Yeah, I'm only here to whinge again. And oh gee, now they have that "LiveJournal may be unresponsive or slow to load due to some database problems we're experiencing. Our Operations staff is working to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience." up? Well that was helpful. How about not slow, but not there at all?

I also officially declare to hate LJ's "Adult content" ("aikuissisältö", nngggh) warnings forcing me to click that I'm over 14 when I just want to see Blake's 7 icons, FFS.
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What, you mean I should post something unirritated in case people actually wanted to friend me for some reason on this side without knowing me other than from here? Yeah, like that's gonna happen. I was the one always having to add ppl in my early days elsewhere, too, and that was with perfectly reasonable posts and a full interests list and all.

Matt is equally dubious about this.
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Why the hell does this place insist on swamping me with their announcements not only in the Inbox but ( had I not finally figured out to remove ticks that were NOT in any way LOGICAL, when had already unticked the box at the top where it said no emails, hello?) also would have kept pestering me in email about EVERYTHING, eugh, and most of all, WTF is it doing on my "friends list" page? Manage Circle is not a logical place to start looking for things like that, but apparently now have to remove them from there if don't want them spamming me all over the place, hmph.

Yeah, yeah, bitch, bitch, moan, moan. Get used to it. Or where I need more icons and displeased Ozy faces as well, to go with posts like this, my oftentimes irritation over things.
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Just so people wouldn't mistake it's me, look, it's an Ozymandias icon.

Also, F'NGUGLYFUGLY green eugh of background. Where do I change, bah? Why can't I have my nice purple setting in layouts or whatever they are, sigh?

And argh only 6 icons, ngh.
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