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And the rest was the start + bits of what was to be on LJ.

Probably just posting whatever LJ'll let you post by Tuesday if their crap finally works, as a copy from the DW side, though again, this side gets the emo as well and the other doesn't. Even "had to" sign in to the dreary Fbook again, finally accept or approve the "friending" request by another cousin, even if it did provide you with an old photo from bro's side of you next to your now probably already long dead paternal grandmother, and you probably age four going by how bro looks in La Mérè's lap. Cousin Kai isn't exactly the Sir Guy of Gisburne (the 80s version) there yet but more that (six years older than you so ten-ish?) than these days.

You remember the way the plastic floral pattern cover of the swing you're sitting on felt and was, but can't remember what it was changed to later on. Vaguely remember the other type of swing from later years, the wooden one, but those aren't the same or are boring, anyway, so whatever.

Links checked via f-list. More creepy (insane) than good, and with comment-mentioned further ews or whatever. You're fairly sure just dropping the "'hyde" and whatever the main concerns are would do the trick as it is, ecological not chemically tampered with "boxes" for people, not the fancyass coffins full of whatever they stick wood full of these days. Kyllästysaine in Finnish.

Apparently Cookie means little penis in Hungarian, cue wonderings about the Cookie Monster, your one favourite from the Sesame Street stuff seen in later life. Only had the Muppet Show when younger, and there it was the Swedish Chef + the two old men as favourites, possibly slightly Beaker or whatever the "beep" meeping laboratory assistant. Never liked Fozzie the Bear or Miss Piggy or anything such from what you recall. Gonzo was okay and the saxophone player in the credits was occasionally "good" or to be watched for whenever they did something with the "trööt" sound at the end (?), whether sound not coming out or whatever falling on top or no idea aside those memories.

Meeeh on whatever the Captain America movie is (going to be?) called (There's a movie about him, too? First I heard of it. O.o?) having also Neal McDonough, Richard Armitage, David "Filch, Cohen the Barbarian + Walder Frey" Bradley and whoever else in it briefly, as if to make you then "need" to see it as well. Well, apart from reading the post further and seeing that Tommy Lee Jones and Hugo Weaving are in it, too, presumably to make up for Chris "And like we care?" Evans as whoever C.A. is in it. And Dominic Cooper, if remember my people right, for more interesting people than Evans could ever be.

All comments screened since it's a public post for the rare change.

Does anyone have the twitter rumours or anything about who's attacking LJ this time? If not the usual Russian assholes, as usual. What with the library having the computer off when got here so naturally losing the timeslot and having to wait 5 minutes to re-reserve it with the library guy flitting off somewhere else before that, and then not having sense enough to make it a half an hour longer either for your already having lost 15 minutes of your reserved time. And two girls taking ooh arr objection to your pointing out that even the signs on the wall tell them to F. off with talking to mobile phones in the room, as if not bad enough to answer them in a library as it is.

Facebook disgusts (also) due to remarks like the following. People talking about the Oslo thing as "People could do the island thing here, too, shove all the immigrants to discuss on an island and let a gunman loose. Oh, and I'm not racist, 35% of my workmates are immigrants, I just *Excuse*" or other "FFS who do we need to pummel?" comments.

Date: 2011-07-26 03:36 pm (UTC)
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I deactivated (deleted? Har!) Facebook over a year ago and haven't looked back. Now everyone and their dog wants me to join G+.

I too am extremely curious about the source of the LJ downtime, and know nothing of this supposedly huge History regarding the non-English speaking parts of the community or this supposed Russian "spam mafia" I keep hearing vague and shadowy rumors of.

We really need a Trillian for this sort of thing so we can stop giving a crap who's on what where.

Date: 2011-07-27 02:36 pm (UTC)
frogfarm: Unabashed royay (debugger)
From: [personal profile] frogfarm
With all the Eljay madness, I was randomly trolling trawling DW in search of information and entertainment. I'm actually amazed at how few of my LJ friends have accounts here.

Still being flaky broke for me. Back in April it took a couple weeks for LJ to recover.


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