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And in case anyone wasn't watching or sure or whatever, same, yes. Just not trying to be visible, and not having set up anything much yet, and having to reset keywords and not trusting the library computer at this end to not have a thousand things wrong with it, like keystealing things for passwords, so ngh all of it. No YouTube for today then, apparently, unless the thing suddenly wants to start agreeing more. LJ didn't, hmph.

Suspect that will need to find a good and secure free email service first, or see if can get another Yahoo account or something, or if Gmail will let me do things without giving them the mobile phone number, which hello, no. So I need free email service, free websites for fannish type page things perhaps, or to know if Blogger (?) or whatever other blogging type sites out there is best and for what reasons. If were to merely talk about certain fannish things, instead of or next to the site stuff potential. Things. Complicated. As well as when half of that is sorted, needing another username for here, since this still ties to the same email and username, so is entirely too locatable to anyone who wants to try for it, ngh. *disappears forever*

Plus WTF is it with DW's disgusting use of whatever font it is again in this filling-in box? Courier? Yeuch.


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