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Oh, gee, great, thanks Livejournal. I so love your giving people heart attacks by not informing about your SUDDEN IMPENDING MAINTENANCES OF DOOM, or whatever the hell you'll claim you're doing right now to at least my account, siramiol, clytemnestra215, nike_of_athens and whoever else might be affected. Plus telling me that only 3 email requests per 24 hours is allowed, when I'd only tried the first one before that, not even others yet.

They also very cunningly leave out emailing or Inboxing the latest news in lj_releases, claiming the "Oh, we just sent you the third copy of this in your f'n Inbox" problem, where paid users get to send free virtual gifts, lest ppl use that to their advantage or something?

As in, I might as well have gone to see my mother if this crap keeps going on, their already having wasted over an hour of my time on trying to see which accounts work out of the usernames I remember or find via others that did work. And apparently I got stamped as Angelus in their villainy_stamp, but since it's all members only otherwise, gee, great, thanks. And there I was all ready to start using Chronographia's "Computer says no" whether ppl meant it for anybody but spiralsheep's use or not, what with my still not getting certain UK circles being all "BUT NOBODY IS SUPPOSED TO USE THE ICON IF SOMEONE CLAIMED IT!" shocks.

Yeah, I'm only here to whinge again. And oh gee, now they have that "LiveJournal may be unresponsive or slow to load due to some database problems we're experiencing. Our Operations staff is working to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience." up? Well that was helpful. How about not slow, but not there at all?

I also officially declare to hate LJ's "Adult content" ("aikuissisältö", nngggh) warnings forcing me to click that I'm over 14 when I just want to see Blake's 7 icons, FFS.
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